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Movie Reviews Of Dolphin Tale And Viva Riva

Watching movies is one of the best ways to enjoy your holidays. Every month over half a dozen movies are being released and it becomes a bit difficult to choose the right movie, especially if you are looking for some quality entertainment. Nobody likes to spend the weekend watching a movie that is worthless. I usually spend my holidays watching movies on HBO and Star Movies on my cable connection powered by Verizon FiOS TV. Choosing a good movie can be painstaking at times. Scroll down and find the reviews of a couple of movies that caught the attention of the audience.

Adding a tail to your leisure

Dolphin Tale' is the tale of a mutilated dolphin named Winter' and the young people who rescue her. This movie is a treat for kids and teenagers. The movie draws inspiration from a real-life dolphin rescue. Nevertheless, it is embellished with a slew of commercial elements to suit the taste-buds of the audience. The manufactured drama may be bitter to digest for the adults though. Winter, the dolphin, got mired in a fishing net and lost her tail. But finds help from rescuers who fit the dolphin with a prosthetic tail to help her survive. People who watch the movie have to take in a sizeable amount of schmaltz in certain portions.

Nathan Gamble is the chief rescuer, and gets help from a girl named Cozi Zuehlsdorff who befriends him. The young pair does a dandy job with their rescue operation! Harry Connick Jr. is the kiddie girl's father and runs an animal rescue center. The movie is gingered with a lot of drama that includes single-parent households, a rescue centre that's already facing bankruptcy, and injured war veterans. However, if you are looking for a naturalistic movie, this may not be the one for you. But the audience can relish a few feel-good moments in the climax that delineates glimpses of Winter's real-life rescue and its rehabilitation process.

The Dolphin Tale' opened on a quite weekend but managed to overpower some weak competition and climbed to the No.1 spot in the weekly rankings. As per the reports of, the 3-D animation film, that runs for 117 minutes, produced by Alcon Entertainment and Warner Brothers, amassed an estimated figure of .5 million in the first two weeks of its release.

Crime Thriller

Viva Riva is a crime thriller that delineates the Congolese (natives of the Republic of the Congo). Penned and directed by Djo Tunda Wa Munga, the movie plumed 12 nominations in various categories and was a winner of 6 awards at the 7th African Movie Academy Awards, 2011. It won accolades for the Best Picture, Best Director, Best Production and design, and Best Cinematography'. Viva Riva also bagged the title for the Best African Movie in the MTV Awards of 2011.

Viva Riva' was filmed in grim sets on the Democratic Republic of Congo, a state that is devoid of any governing body and law enforcements. The movie is all about crime and violence. After a long absence, Riva, a man on a mission, returns to the slums of Kinshasa with loads of cash and a hijacked truck full of gasoline that is worth more than a truckload of gold to the city starving for fuel. Cesar (Fortuna), an Angolan, chases Riva for the petrol.

But Riva happens to follow the unmindful girlfriend of a crime lord and is assisted by a 10-year old street boy named Anto (N'Tunga), who helps him to stay ahead in the action. The director has wittingly injected a slew of commercial elements to the movie- including thrilling action, nasty violence, and some jaw-dropping sex scenes. Nevertheless, there are some stupid gun-shot sequences that fail to appease the entertainment-taste-buds of the audience. For instance, there is an illogical sequence where Cesar shoots people from a close range and they react by falling like a pack of cards- the shooting looks largely amateurish to say the least! And Anto's feet could barely reach the pedals of the 4WD wheels.

However, the movie lives up to its killer punch' and is full of action and racy till the very end. Though the degree of hopefulness remains a concern for the audience, the movie is packed with a bunch of entertaining elements and a worthwhile to watch.

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