Sunday, September 30, 2012

Banks Fighting Back on PPI Claims

PPI or Payment protection insurance is designed in order to cover the monthly repayments that an individual is unable to pay or a debt which can be in the form of a loan. The reasons can be due to accident, sickness, unemployment and redundancy. However it was found that PPI has been mis-sold by several lenders through unscrupulous sales techniques. Following the Supreme Court decision early this year, many banks realized the court of public opinion was full of rage. Customers who had been mis-sold Payment Protection were simply expecting their money back. In order to prevent the financial companies mis-selling PPI, the FSA (Financial Services Authority) and the FOS (Financial Ombudsman Service) took the initiative to sort out the problems. For months many banks did indeed comply and offer compensation in line with FSA guidelines. However from August 2011 there has been a change in the winds and the banks are now trying to bolt the door by rejecting claims.

MBNA and Blackhorse in particular have started issuing rejection letters. Once a customer receives a rejection the claim must be referred to the Financial Ombudsman Service. Barclays also recently has started to issue rejection letters and this confirms that banks are attempting a damage limitation exercise. The decision letters are often generic and fail to disclose the key documents which were possibly used at the time of sale. The reason banks are rejecting claims is of course to stop paying out millions of pounds in compensation. Of course some rejections may be valid and with some merit. Customers who have complained for mis-sold PPI and who receive disappointing rejection letters often give up their claim. Many simply place the letter in the kitchen drawer and forget about it. Banks try it on and see what reaction they get.

If you have been mis-sold PPI then you can make a PPI Claim. Even if you have already paid off your loan then also you can claim for PPI. It is important to fight a PPI claim. Receiving a rejection letter from a bank is simply a setback but if a claim is presented properly at the Financial Ombudsman Service then there is a very strong chance the claim will be successful. The Financial Ombudsman Service investigates the complaints regarding the financial matters including mortgages, banking, insurance, loans, investments, credit cards, etc. Moreover you can also take the help of several well known claims companies that will help you to claim back your PPI payments. In order to find out the reliable claims company you can browse the internet. A good claim company with years of experience in this field can help you fight against such situation along with a reasonable compensation. The reliable claim company has highly knowledgeable, experienced and highly trained legal and financial professionals who ensures that each and every claim is drafted with care and attention. Moreover they handle the entire claims process including all your loan documents in an efficient manner without wasting your precious time, energy and money.

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