Monday, July 30, 2012

Hot Prices At Target Spark A Buying Frenzy

Target, the fourth largest retailer of home furnishings in the United States, has made some moves in global circles that have consumers flocking to their website like never before. Not only are their prices still among the best anywhere in cyberspace, but a number of new promotions make their already unbeatable deals just a little bit sweeter. This article will discuss the new and improved Target online marketplace and ways to save money on almost any everyday purchase.

Fantastic Electronics at Fantastic Prices

The big holiday sales may finally be over, but for some reason the prices at Target have remained well below what other stores are charging. We're not just talking about feature items like televisions and video game consoles; their cameras, MP4 players, computers, navigation systems, and cellular phones are all at rock bottom prices right now as well. Inside sources say that Target has secured several big contracts with many of the world's top electronic manufacturers to remain one of the leading suppliers on US soil. Many of their electronics are also discounted even further through their website, so be sure to check back often and grab those deals when you see them!

The RedCard

The RedCard is Target's personal store credit card, and besides offering very competitive rates it also comes packed with several exciting features. First off, any purchase that you make with your Target card goes directly back into your community to programs like the Boys and Girls Club, the United Way, and several other great charities. They believe in supporting our youth, and just using the RedCard is an excellent way to make that dream happen.

There's a lot more than charity going on with the RedCard though, because when you use it online or at a local Target you automatically get 5% off any purchase. This isn't just on select items or ones that cost a certain amount of money; it's 5% off anything you buy, every time. If you have five prescriptions filled and pay with the RedCard you'll earn an additional 5% off any single day's the benefits can really add up! Compare that to the 1% annual return on traditional cash back credit cards and you can see why so many shoppers are taking advantage of this easy way to save.

Online Only Specials

Many retailers charge a bit more for online purchases because there's the extra burden of shipping, packing, and handling involved, but Target sees it a little bit differently. For them, it's much easier to send something from a centralized warehouse than to keep restocking hundreds of nationwide stores, so they pass that extra savings right down to their customers. In fact, they ship most purchases completely free of charge.

Be sure to check out Target's online only specials because some of the savings can be substantial. We're not talking about 5-10% off selected merchandise that they haven't been able to sell otherwise--almost a third of their website is marked down up to 20% below what other retailers are charging. With deals like these, there's little reason to shop anywhere else!

Use Target Coupons for Extra Savings

Target also has several affiliates around the World Wide Web, and one of the best ones for everyday savings is They work directly with Target to offer the latest coupons, promotions and specials, so you're not likely to find better prices anywhere else. To get in on some of the exclusive savings offered by MoneyJibe, including Target furniture coupons and free shipping coupons, visit their Target Coupons page for the latest offers and specials.

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